Revitalize your entire reproductive
system to balance your hormones,
reclaim and optimize fertility, or ease
the transition into menopause with
these powerful yoga practices.

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This system is the culmination of Dr. Saraswati’s 17 years of experience successfully supporting women through myriad health challenges.

Dao Flow Yoga combines The Dao, Chinese medicine, and modern medicine, together with Yoga into one healing cord for women’s health.

The yoga poses & breathwork activate your meridians, chakras, and endocrine glands, acting as a self-acupuncture treatment.


Also included is a 5th DVD with over 2 hours of guidance and teaching through interviews with Dr. Saraswati herself as she explains the methods behind the practices.

A woman’s fertility is not separate from the rest of her being; it is the result of living a life in balance. Use this set to naturally boost your fertility to aid in conception.

These 4 1-hour practices form a transformational, all-natural body-mind system to reclaim sacred connection to nature and yourself.

Appropriate for women of all life-stages, this program can help smooth the transition from your fertile years into menopause.


This system will sync your menstrual cycles with the lunar rhythms and bring your hormones into balance. These sequences are healing for PMS, erratic or painful periods and more!

This is fertile living. This is Dao Flow Yoga.

“Dr. Saraswati takes fertility yoga to another level by combining her eastern and western medical expertise with her spriritually-rich yoga teaching. Coupled with her warm inspirational teaching style, this DVD is a beautiful partner for any woman looking to boost fertility, as well as overall health and wellness.”
–Sara Gottfried, Harvard-trained MD and NY Times best-selling author of
The Hormone Cure
“I had the pleasure of attending one of Dr. Saraswati’s workshops and I highly respect her healing and teaching methods. I recommend her work to any woman who’d like to heal physical and emotional issues, or who wants to connect with her optimum fertility.”
–Marci Shimoff, NY Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reaon and featured teacher on the hit film
The Secret

I think women can be strong, healthy, authentic, and vibrant throughout their whole lives. I’m Dr. Saraswati, and I am a holistic gynecologist, doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and experienced yoga teacher. Dao Flow Yoga is an emerging yoga style for women’s health that expands the traditional actions of yoga poses to illuminate the healing energetics of the acupuncture meridian system. I created this practice from a convergence of all the important streams that have led to my expertise and my own personal healing journey and braided them together into this offering that I now share with you. My hope in doing so is to give women potent, everyday tools to fully step back into their lives–healthy and full of potential. There is nothing more radical than reclaiming your lifeforce.

Get this Revolutionary New System!